Gracious Odyssey

    Social Manners for Everyday & Business Occasions

    "There is no art like that of a beautiful behavior, a fine manner.
        No wealth greater than that of a pleasant personality." 
                                                           Orison Swett Marden

  Success is in the Art of "Savoir Faire" in any climate at any level
from simple to majestic

Fundamental good manners are the salt and pepper of relationships, not only essential but, ideally, second nature.

Savoir Faire is the ability to skillfully change gear and adapt to new situations, apply occasion appropriate sets of rules and practices, gracefully adjust behavior, feel confident and relaxed, and thrive in any social or official situations, be it in a palace, villager's hut, board meeting, classroom, formal reception, or simply in your own home.

In today's increasingly complex society, our interpersonal skills are crucial in both our personal and professional lives.  But sadly, this essential element - which can make the difference between success and failure - is often ignored or left to chance

Savoir Faire and being etiquette savvy is not "snobbism".  It is not rigidity, stiffness or social class as many associate it with.  It is not about the strict attention to minute points of etiquette or petty formalities.  Nor it is like fine china to be used sporadically on special occasions.  It is simply about revealing your inner grace and mastering appropriate rules and their timely and effective applications in your daily lives and, ideally, having it become second nature.  


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